Considerations When Choosing The Type Of Socks To Wear


Men usually are not keen when choosing what socks to wear when they are attending a function, but if one makes the wrong choice even when they have chosen other wear correctly they may look awkward.   If one is not keen on the socks they choose to combine with the rest of the clothes they may end up looking awkward due to the wrong combination.   When selecting the socks to wear when attending a function one needs to pay close attention to color, length, weight as well as pattern and choose carefully.   Lengths to choose from include ankle length, below the ankle socks length, above the ankle or above the calf lengths which one should select depending on the occasion one is dressing to attend.   After one decides on the right length to wear for the function they should also consider weight if the socks as there are functions needing one to wear thin socks while others dictate the use of thick socks.   Patterns to choose from are also numerous as one can choose from argyle, plain or window pane.   Depending on the color of pants that one decides to wear when attending an event there are also numerous options for Yo Sox Canada socks colors to wear.   One may decide on colors such as khaki, white, navy, black, or green which are the most popular choices for men.

Whatever one decides to wear should be guided by the function they are planning to attend.   For an individual going to a gym or sport related function athletics socks will suit them.   Grey is the most popular color with the athletic socks although others come in white most of them contain stripes.   When selecting athletics socks one may choose different lengths between above-the-ankle and above-the-calf and such socks are only advisable for sporting activity as they look awkward when worn for other functions.  Know about sock club canada here!

When one is wearing jeans especially blue it is advisable that they combine them with thick blue socks which are considered casual.   Combining jeans with athletics socks or white socks look a terrible idea as they usually do not get along but one can combine white denim with white socks. Any Other denim tints that one select for an event should be matched with same color socks. When one is wearing slacks they can utilize thinner socks where one should also combine khaki shorts with khaki socks, black socks with black pants, brown pants with brown socks and others. When wearing formal attire such as suits it is also advisable that one chooses a matching socks pair. To learn more about socks, visit

One pattern which can be utilized when wearing jeans and slacks is the argyle pattern which can also be utilized when wearing suits.   Patterns of the socks are dependent on the color of the pants but it is also not advisable to wear socks when one is wearing shorts.


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